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What does My Art Proof offer you?

Protect your compositions and lyrics from copying and unauthorized use by obtaining a qualified time stamp certificate valid in European Union countries under eIDAS regulation 910/2014. This certificate may also be valid in the 178 countries that have signed the Berne Convention.

My Art Proof, is not a music company that collects your royalties by publishing your composition on any platform.

What is the role of My Art Proof?

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After composing your song, you create legal proof.
To get the copyright of your work, you publish it on all digital and social platforms, either individually or in agreement with a distribution company, record company, publishing house.
Your work has been copied, used without permission or claimed by others.
With the proof created at the beginning of the process, you can prove that your work belongs to you by gaining superiority in 178 countries.

How Should You Upload Your Works?

You can protect your compositions by uploading them as audio format (.wav, .mp3) or notes (.pdf).

You can protect your lyrics by uploading them in audio format (.wav, .mp3) or in written form (.pdf, .docx)
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