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General Information

Is it Legally Valid?

The validity of the timestamp is legally recognized by the European Union Countries. The certification authority that produces the time stamp is accredited as TSPQ (qualified Trust Service Provider) for quality service provision at European level, according to the EU 910 regulation. The timestamp files and certificate that you will have after your transaction are legal proofs when your work is to be copied, unauthorized use or if you need to claim any rights.

How Is It Different From A Notary?

A timestamp proves that the content of any computer file exists at once and has not changed since then.It is almost impossible to imitate the digital stamp.Notary certification is an old fashioned method to prove data verification due to time loss, paperwork and its cost. Notary offers a paper based registration on your works. This platform offers registration process by allowing you to have a right on your works with a legally valid time stamp.

How is Payment Security ensured?

All your purchases in our system are protected with SSL Certificate. You make your payments using secure payment methods. Your credit card information is not shared with us by your bank.

Is it possible to create Collaboration Programs?

We are constantly expanding our working network in order to provide a higher quality service to our users. In this context, as My Art Proof, we would like to state that we are open to all collaboration program offers. You can contact us at info@myartproof.com to get more detailed information about the collaboration program and to submit an offer.

In which countries is it valid?

The evidence you have created for your works is valid in the European Union countries. It may also be valid in 178 countries that have accepted the Berne Convention.

Is My Certificate Invalid When The Official Language Of My County of Residence Is Not Supported?

The evidence you have created for your works is valid in the European Union countries.Your Certificate will not be invalid when the official language of your county of residence is not supported. We are working to increase the language support of our platform.

Who can protect his/her/their works?

Songwriters, composers, poets, writers, screenwriters, painters, graphic designers, architects, pattern makers and all the work producers who have rights on a work can protect their works using our system.

Uploading Content

How can I protect my lyrics?

Method 1; After you add your lyrics to a word file by adding your credentials, you can protect them by converting into 'pdf' format and uploading to our system. Method 2; You can protect it by taking a photo the document containing the lyrics and uploading it to our system in 'png', 'jpg' format. Method 3; After you sing your song on a recorder, you can protect it by uploading it to our system in an audio format. *All three methods are accepted by our system.

How can I protect my composition?

Method 1; You can protect your composition by uploading the audio file to our system. Method 2; You can protect your composition by writing it as notes and uploading it to our system in 'pdf' format. *Both methods are accepted by our system.

How Can I Protect My Paintings?

You can protect your painting by taking a photo of it and uploading it to our system in all photo formats provided that it contains the full image.

How can I protect my poem, Book and Script?

You can protect your poems, books, script works, including your identity information, preferably by uploading them to our system in 'pdf' format.

Can I protect the works which I cover or Remix?

The rights of the works that are used for cover or remix belong to the authors of the work. In order to make any arrangement on a work, the author's permission must be obtained.After the arrangement is completed, you can use our system to prove that the arrangement made is yours by using our system.The commercial use rights of your arrangement vary depending on the contract you have with the author of the work.

How can I protect my trademark and my logo?

You can protect your trademark and your logo through our system by adding them on a word documents with your name, surname and credentials.

How Will I Upload My Works?

After choosing your package from the Prices tab, you can upload your works by entering requested personal data and certificate information related to your work.

Technical Support

What should I consider when choosing a package?

Packages are for single use. You should purchase your package according to the number of works you will upload. You must use your rights in the package you purchased at once as you cannot use your remaining rights later.

Do I have to keep the Timestamp Files and Certificate provided?

You have to keep your timestamp files and certificate that have been given to your work, together with your original file, without any action on it, in order to claim legal rights in copyright-related problems that you may encounter later. It is very important not to share your timestamp files and certificate with anyone. You can share your original file of your work with others.

Why can't I open my timestamp files with .tsq and .tsr extension?

You cannot view or modify your .tsq 'and' .tsr 'timestamp files as they are encrypted.

How can I transfer my rights under protection?

Once you put your works under protection, you can perform handing over by transferring your timestamp files and certificate to the other party.

How can I use my Discount Coupon Code?

After selecting the package for which your discount coupon code is valid and filling out the form information, you can take advantage of the discount by entering your coupon code in the 'Enter a Coupon Code' tab in the payment section.

How can I get the Discount Coupon code?

It is possible to obtain your discount coupon code by following the campaigns organized by the companies we cooperate with.

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